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When a couple has children, the last thing they think about is who the children will stay with. This at first is not taken in considerate, but when the couple decides to separate their ways, one must be very intelligent and cautious to know who will take care of improving the children, especially if they are small.

There are many factors that have to be considered before making a decision, for example, the background of the father as of the mother but mainly in these cases the one that always takes the advantage is the mother because of the strong bond that unites her with her son or daughter.

Children are not property

Children are not a property which can be simply divided by force; it should be in a balanced way, which both parents share equally with their children without causing problems and above all not speaking ill of the other.

Many parents tend that when the mother or father is not present, they can speak badly or say hurtful things to their child to cause some harm. That is the worst, it is hurting the child in a great way, and it can even cause irreparable problems in his confidence affecting him for a life.

Under threat

The father when he thinks he is going to lose custody of the child feels panic and begins to handle the mother with removing him or her, he does not know is that justice supports the mother for being more affectionate, understandable and that if the baby is very little one needs it to feed him.


If the father is violent or has incidents of violence, he can automatically lose custody of the child because he will not know how to take care of him, sometimes so that the child can see the father; the mother must be present for her safety.

For the judge, the most important thing in custody is the child, guarantee the safety and well-being of the child in his life, if the father is not a good person, he can never see him or spend time with him.


If the father is an alcoholic or drinks a lot, he will not be given custody or think about giving him joint custody (this is when the father and mother share the lives of their children in equal times).

For these reasons is that many fathers today lose custody to don’t know controls or lead a better life for their children, there are cases where the father never knew his son and suddenly want to claim it as if it were a single object to annoy the mother.

Mother will always be mother

For a mother her priority will always be her children, for better or for worse, she will look for the best for her children because they share that beautiful bond since she carries them in her belly. So if she does not have a job, the state is responsible for providing support while getting a better job opportunity and so be able to give everything to their children.