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The family is the fundamental pillar of any society. Therefore, it is also our duty as lawyers to make this continue in force.

In our law firm in Barcelona we have the best specialists to channel any problem or conflict that must be resolved within the family framework.

Cases such as divorces, separations, adoption of minors or parental authority, among others, are some of the areas we handle.

  • Separation and Divorce

    If you are looking for a professional and specialized team to manage your divorce or separation in the most appropriate way possible, this is the place.

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  • Adoption of Minors

    Adoption is one of the ways of acquiring filiation, that is, belonging to a specific family. It has a permanent character and the adopted one becomes for all intents and purposes the son of the adopter. For the adoption of minors a series of requirements that must be fulfilled are needed.

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  • Custody

    The responsibilities that fall on an adult with a minor must always be attached to the law: maintenance, medical expenses coverage, civil and criminal representation, etc.

    However, sometimes it is necessary to reach the court to define the responsibility of parental authority.

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  • Filiation

    The themes of filiation are usually delicate. To deal with them, we make use of our experience in Family Law in order to achieve the best judicial solution.

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