Expert lawyers in Immigration – Barcelona

If you have arrived in Spain and need a temporary, permanent residence or want to request a family reunification, you can count on our group of lawyers who are experts in immigration to manage any type of immigration procedure.

For this we have the best lawyers in Barcelona specialists in this area.

Finally, if it is legal advice, we have several options depending on each particular case. Based on this, we communicate to our client the exact steps that must be followed to obtain a residence card, work visa or family reunification.

  • Residence permit

    In our law firm we can advise you in each immigration procedure you must follow, either for a temporary residence or a permanent residence, since each of them derive different rights and duties according to the purpose of your stay in Barcelona – Spain.

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  • Family Regrouping

    If you are a foreigner and have been living in Spain for more than a year, you have the option of requesting a family reunion. Our group of lawyers is willing to instruct you in every step of this administrative procedure.

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  • Work Visa

    Our legislation allows the granting of work visas for foreigners who enter the Spanish territory to fulfill a work function, whether temporary or permanent.

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  • Visado de Estudiante

    Due to the high reputation of some Spanish and Barcelona universities, there are many young foreigners who embark on a new path to obtain a university degree in our country and for this a student visa is required.

    If this is the case, our law firm can help you process it.

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  • Legalization of documents

    Our team of lawyers will help you attend to the different requests for legalization of documents.

    We will advise you to do them correctly and not run the risk of your application being rejected.