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First of all intellectual property is all that product that comes from our mind and our imagination, it can be a written work, a drawing, a project or even a piece to be used. Any thought that comes out of our own and becomes reality is an intellectual property.

Intellectual property is related with the creations to the mind: inventions, literary works and arts, as well as symbols, names and images used in commerce. That is, everything that can be sold using the name or the patent of a brand, regardless of whether or not it is recognized worldwide.

In this way, we will look at ways to protect intellectual property in the best way:

Types of intellectual property

intellectual property is divided into two groups industrial property and copyright, both, although they have different roles may be subject to a special right of the creator in terms of selling or not.

Industrial property

Industrial property, which covers patents for invention, brands, industrial designs and geographical indications. This is important because, due to this, companies make money just by placing their objects for sale, such as the objects that are used to make machines; some even bring special forms to be difference themselves from others and so ensure the sale in the market.


Copyright, which covers literary works (for example, the novels, the poems and the movies), music, artistic works (for example, drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures) and architectural designs. The rights related to the right of an author are the rights of the performers about their interpretations or executions, those of the producers of phonograms about their recordings and those of the Broadcasting organizations regarding your programs on radio and television.

Many authors starting writing in anonymity because they were not sure if their products were successful, but now just by placing your name you can protect your projects from those who want to copy or steal it to make it yours.

It also happens with images that have a watermark or something that requires the image to be bought, many web pages are responsible for buying created images or great photographs and then returning them to sell to a more select public, this is done so that the artists receive a gratification and that the pages are recognized for having exclusive content and good quality.

What are rights of intellectual property?

Intellectual property rights they resemble any other right of ownership: allow the creator, the owner of a patent, trademark or copyright, enjoy the benefits that derive from his work or of the investment made in relation with a creation. This is more than a duty, it is a right that the person or group has over their masterpiece, nobody can enjoy those privileges without their consent or permission, if these laws are not fulfilled they can be taken to jail for intellectual property theft.

Promote a property system effective and equitable intellectual contribute to all countries exploit the potential of property intellectual as a catalyst for economic development and welfare social and cultural.