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Success can bring good things and bad things, having our intellectual property in view of everyone is when we have to be prudent to care and how to have it safe. For example, maybe you have little time in the market or maybe not, even though we can be talking about a poem or a photograph, both are important and deserve the same amount of attention, anyone can take it and make it happen, and many have lost its intellectual properties by not signing it and losing the copyright.

Investing a large number of days, nights and weekends developing an innovative product can be frustrating when the ultimate characteristics of the same end of the offer of the competition.

In this article we will teach you several tips that you should follow to protect your intellectual property before it is compromised:

Create an anti-theft contract

The first thing to do is to review the employment agreements – and the agreements with independent contractors – to make sure that they are committed to partially or totally giving the company their rights to all the inventions that are developed in the course of their work. .

If everything is kept in law and everything is written it is easier to keep your property protected because misunderstandings are saved besides that everything with a contract is more legal and legitimate, the agreement of words is also effective but something tangible is more true for the judges in case of a lawsuit.

Create a patent of the original ideas

the original ideas are the most vulnerable to be stolen, that is why before launching a product or work, one must consider what ideas could be easily copied and have it copyrighted. Especially if you are working as a team, have them all informed, which ideas can be used freely and which ones are not.

It does not matter if at first the idea is not as popular as you think, protecting it before it becomes popular can save you a lot of headaches.

Knowing and understanding the inventions of the employees as soon as possible will allow the company’s lawyers to anticipate the requests of the competition and write them with the most accurate and complete information, that is, to make stronger patents.

Give credit to who deserves it

The idea of “pay to think” is not as bad as you previously thought; sometimes employees need monetary incentives or the right congratulations for a job well done that is beneficial for all.

Sometimes your team may need a little “inspiration” to think about the possibility of protecting the development they are carrying out. Producing ideas is not as easy as you think, it is not that you have each one filed and when you need more you look in a folder, it does not work in this way, and the ideas come suddenly but sometimes so that you can create a faster Good work environment and a good reward make ideas flow more often.

And also, it is necessary to take into account the inventor of the patent and grant him part of the benefits generated by the exploitation thereof.