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Accidents can happen at any time, sometimes due to our own negligence and others due to improper handling of the objects in our workplace. This is why you have to be very careful, especially when working in places where there are huge machines that cannot be stopped easily.

Working accidents can be classified into many depending on the magnitude of the accident or which was the agent that causes it, also on how much time the employee recovers and if the company has to be responsible for their health.

In this article we will evaluate each one of these so that you are never the protagonist of a working accident:

What is a working accident?

A working accident is an unfortunate event that occurs in a workplace, can have many variables and some are so unfortunate that employees have had to spend months in the hospital recovering or in intensive therapies.

The working accident is the basis of the study of Industrial Safety, and focuses it from the preventive point of view, studying its causes (why they occur), its sources (activities committed in the accident), its agents (participating workplace), its type (how the facts are produced or developed), all in order to develop prevention.

The accidents are not casuals, if not that it cause. To believe that accidents are due to a fatality or fate is a serious error, it would be as much as to consider everything that is done in favor of Risk Prevention at work useless and to accept the phenomenon of the accident as something inevitable.

Causes of a working accident

The immediate cause of an accident may be the lack of an element of personal protection, but the basic cause may be that the protection element was not used because it was uncomfortable. It is therefore essential to try to identify and eliminate the basic causes of accidents, because if you only act on the immediate causes, accidents will occur again. The basic causes can be divided into personal factors and factors of the job.

This also lies in the fact that each company must have or should have a security team that ensures that all employees are totally safe. Sometimes it can be annoying, but it is necessary to prevent accidents.

Personal factors

  • Try to save time or effort and / or avoid discomfort.
  • Get the attention of others, express hostilities.
  • Existence of physical or mental problems or disabilities.

Factors of work

  • Lack of work standards or inadequate work standards.
  • Design or inadequate maintenance of machines and equipment.
  • Incorrect work habits.
  • Normal use and wear of equipment and tools.
  • Abnormal and incorrect use of equipment, tools and facilities.

How to prevent a working accident?

There are many ways to prevent accidents at work, such as the correct use of safety equipment and the machines of the company. You just have to be aware that accidents can happen and not because you are many years in a company you are immune to them, you must be careful for you and your co-workers.