Rights of the Worker and Social Security – Lawyer’s Office in Barcelona

In order to find equality of conditions in society, the right of the worker has been evolving and growing in recent years. In the same way it has happened with the regulation that regulates Social Security, adding more benefits for people.

All this in order to improve the working conditions of each citizen, so that there is no injustice from the employer to the worker or vice versa.

  • Disabilities and Compensation

    In many jobs, workers are exposed to an accident at work. Sometimes the employer has not given the necessary measures to cover the worker’s safety and, therefore, an accident has occurred. Also, the worker may have suffered the accident at work exercising their functions correctly or on the way to work.

    As a result of some activities or accidents, there is always the risk of suffering permanent or temporary disability, depending on its severity, as well as compensation for the damages suffered.

    For both situations, the law promotes certain protection for the worker so that he / she will not be left unprotected, as well as some amounts of compensation.


  • Dismissal and Labor Harassment

    In case a dismissal has been for futile reasons or simply unmotivated, the law promotes a series of mechanisms so that this situation does not remain without resolution.

    The same happens with workplace harassment, a phenomenon that has grown by leaps and bounds in the 21st century.

    In either case, our firm has the best specialists in the sector to conduct this situation to the best possible resolution.


  • Suspension of Work

    To carry out the suspension of work due to technical, economic, organizational or production reasons, certain requirements and legal procedures must be met.

    If you do not know this procedure or need a group of lawyers to represent you, our office is at your disposal.


  • Seguridad Social

  • Labor Relations

    Our team of lawyers offers consultations regarding the labor and contractual conditions on which all companies must be governed.

    In that sense, we handle situations related to the duration of the working day, working conditions, vacations, value of the working day / overtime, etc.